About YMMC

Our Journey:
Building God’s Kingdom Together . . . for Such a Time as This!

God Has Called Us

We are be a visionary Congregation with great passion about fulfilling the “Great Commission of Yeshua” (Jesus) as expressed in Matthew 28:18-20, and Romans 1:16, which states: “For I am not ashamed of the Good News, since it is God’s powerful means of bringing salvation to everyone who keeps on trusting, to the Jew especially, but equally to the Gentile.” (CJB)

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a family that becomes spiritually united with whomever enters our front door and wishes to become part of our family. Thus, we cheerfully greet, accept, love upon, raise up, and train everyone.  We do this so they may become equipped to fulfill their God-given and destined position in our family. This enables our entire body, as a unit of faith, to grow to a stature wherein we may reach out to our surrounding communities, and eventually, a lost and dying world.

Our Mission

We call our Mission:   4Ez     Exalt  –  Encourage  –  Equip  –  Evangelize

Therefore, our Mission is to:

  • Exalt Yeshua in all aspects of ministry

  • Encourage believers toward spiritual growth

  • Equip believers for their ministry

  • Evangelize our community, nation, and world for Jesus