Dr. William Hepfner

DrWilliam_LeadershipImg(Dr. Hepfner with his wife, Gina)
Our Jewish-born leader, Dr. William Hepfner, grew up being referred to as “Little Moses.” This Nickname was the result of having been left on a Christian family’s doorstep, in a wicker basket at the age of 3 months (just like Moses was left in the bulrushes at 3 months). Within the following year, the family adopted him. Throughout his lifetime; William attended various denominational churches until he received the Lord in 1980 and became Baptized with the infilling of the Holy Spirit. For the next ten years William grew in the Lord and played his trumpet in every praise band he could find. When not in Church; he preached on street corners.

In the early 90’s, William was received into Sweetwater Bible College. In 1993, William graduated and was transferred to Mesa, AZ and became an International Pentecostal Holiness Church (IPHC) Pastor. Because of his passion for the Lord, many people found salvation in Jesus the Messiah. Pastor Hepfner continued to be a vessel used by the Lord with signs and wonders following his ministry with Prophetic revelation, healing, and deliverance; raising the dead. He is very careful to give ‘all credit to the Lord’. He continued to spend many evenings on the streets, ministering to those in need. In 2003, after attending the IPHC’s Church Planters School, the IPHC designated Life’s Destiny Church as a “Mother Church” wherein they went on to “birth” 6 new Church plants. However, because Pastor Hepfner is Jewish, he believed the Lord was calling him back to his “Jewish Roots”. In 2006, after a year of Torah (Old Testament) studies, his ministry incorporated services for Messianic Jews on Saturday, in addition to the regular services for Christians on Sunday.

Chuck Eberhardt

https://i0.wp.com/yeshua-hamashiach.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/ComingSoon_LeadershipImg.jpgChuck Eberhardt has retired as a Trustee of Yeshua HaMashiach Messianic Congregation in Mesa, AZ. He has faithfully served for ten years in many ministry positions which included Congregational Board Member, Head Usher, Administrative Deacon, and Building Committee Member. Other previous ministry project experience includes starting a Church Book Store, overseer of a Youth Chapel renovation, and Director for building our new current Sanctuary.