• VisitorGuide-DownloadButtonYeshua HaMashiach Messianic Congregation is a thriving group of believers in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. Please download a visitors guide to learn more about our congregation.
  • Downloadable Prayer Guide

    Our Sabbath Prayer Guide contains the most frequently used prayers for the Evening Sabbath Home Fellowship, as well as for the Shabbat Service itself. We have made the prayers (listed below) available to you as a PDF download. Each one of the prayers displays the original Hebrew language, its transliteration, and the English version.

    Page 2 – MA TOVU – Upon Entering Sanctuary
    Page 3 – HA MOTZE – Blessing for Bread
    Page 3 – KADDISH – Blessing for Wine
    Page 3 – KINDLING THE LIGHTS – Candle Lighting
    Page 3 – S’HEMA – Hear O’ Israel
    Page 4 – BARCHU – Blessing the Torah
    Page 5 – BIRCHAT HABANIN – Blessing the Children
    Paqe 5 – BIRCHAT COHANIN – Aaronic Blessing (Family)
    Page 6 – T’FEELAHT HATAHLMEDEEM – The Lord’s Prayer
    Page 7 – T’FEELAHT LIMDINAT YISRAEL – Prayer for State of Israel
  • Jewish Holiday Guides

    A one-page list of the 2015-2016 Jewish holidays and starting dates for the Hebrew months.

    Celebrate Chanukkah (The Festival Of Lights) with this two-page guide on the candle lighting service!

    This Counting the Omer download can be printed as a booklet for users of Adobe Reader v11 with the following settings:

    • Page Sizing & Handling: Booklet
    • Booklet subset: Both sides
    • Binding: Left
    • Orientation: Portrait
  • Jewish Readings

    Download a short FAQ on Jewish readings

    Download the 2015-2016 weekly service reading guide.

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