Contact the church office at (480) 588-8133 for additional information, to participate in one or more of these areas, or with questions.

  • AVTeam_ImgLeader: Millie Graham

    The Audio/Visual (A/V) department of the Twin Churches is driven by a deep and profound love for an intimate relationship with God. The department members’ Kingdom mindset leads to servant-hood in this critical area of ministry. The department’s focus is on a worship service that is God and Yeshua (Jesus) centered in which the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit or Holy Wind of God) is allowed to freely manifest.

  • All members of the Band and Praise Teams demonstrate first and fore-most a humble spirit and a clear demonstration of a Spirit-Filled and Spirit-Lead life. Worship in the form of music is a conduit to help focus the members of the congregation on God: His Kingdom, His Greatness, His Power, and His ways.
  • DavidicDance_ImgLeader: Nadine Cowels

    All worship at the Twin Churches is meant to bring glory to God. The shear beauty of Davidic dancing embraces this portion of the Kingdom and is centrally focused on Adonai. The Davidic Dance Team meets on a weekly basis.

  • Drama_ImgThe Drama Team is tasked with the building of the Kingdom by playing out the truths of God in a way that both young and old, Jew and Gentile, believers and non-believers can understand. The Drama Team performs for many of the Feasts and Holidays and practices will coincide with these events.
  • More information to come.