Worship Ministries


All members of our Worship Team demonstrate, first and fore-most, a humble spirit and a clear demonstration of a Spirit-Filled and Spirit-Lead life. Therefore, they are Leaders in Worship and help the members to concentrate on the Lord, His goodness, His Glory, His Kingdom, His greatness, His Power, and His Mercy and His unwavering Love towards us.

We currently are using CD's for Music, but we are praying for Musicians. If you have a talent, or know of someone that plays an Instrument, have them contact our Pastor.

We so wish to have live music.  


 The shear beauty of Davidic dancing embraces a culture that should always be a part of Worship.  We planted a Congregation in San Tan Valley (Beth Hayim Mayim), a major part of our Dance team were from that Southernmost part of AZ. So, our Dance Team Leader, Nadine,

 is now Training a new set of Dancers.

In fact, the Children are participating

 and coming to practices.

Maybe you would like to learn some

 of the Traditional Dances:

Contact Nadine.   


Our Elders will pray with you at the Alter,

 at then end of each Service.

Also, our Intercessory Prayer Alert Team is ready at all times to intercede for those in need.

Call:  (480) 299-3436
Leave a Message and our entire team will
go into prayer for your specific needs.
The Prayer Alert Team is not allowed to discuss your problems with others.  
Prayer Requests may also be submitted

by filling out a Prayer Request Card

 that are found in the back of the Pews.
All  members and visitors are also invited

to Pray at our Prayer Wall.

The Stone comes from the Sea of Galilee
It was reclaimed from 500 years of usage
in a Tiberian Synagogue.
You may also just wish to go forward to

"touch a piece of Israel."


The Audio/Visual Ministry is driven
(because of their intimate relationship with God)
to bring you a rich Sound & Visual experience

which will allow you to see and hear
the profound love of God.

The A/V members' Kingdom mindset
leads to servant-hood in this vital ministry.
Our goal is to have Videos of the Sermon
Online at U-Tube, by the middle of August. 


The Drama Ministry is tasked with the building of the Kingdom by playing out the truths
of God in a way that both young and old,
Jew and Gentile, believers and non-believers, can understand what God has said.
The Drama Team performs for many of the Feasts and Holidays and practices will
coincide with these events.
Contact Millie in the Sound-Booth,
if you're interested in joining the Drama Team.